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Red-Spotted Newt adult red spotted newt

The eastern newt (Notophthalmus viridescens) is a common newt of eastern North America. Red-spotted newt (N. v. viridescens); Broken-striped newt (N. v. dorsalis); Central newt Eastern newts have three stages of life: (1) the aquatic larva or tadpole, (2) the red eft or terrestrial juvenile stage, and (3) the aquatic adult.

the station, the eastern red-spotted newt is a member of Salamandridae, while avoiding predators that include the adult newts themselves.

Description: The adult red-spotted newt has smooth skin that is overall greenish in color, with small black dots scattered on the back and a row.

The red-spotted newt is more or less ubiquitous throughout eastern North America. stages: (1) aquatic larva, (2) terrestrial (juvenile) eft, and (3) aquatic adult.

In some newt species, including the red-spotted newt, the aquatic larvae go through a terrestrial stage before later maturing into aquatic adults. Newts in the.