Spanking babies: Is it okay to spank an infant? - need to be spanked in nj


Is spanking a part of raising children or is it simply child abuse? - need to be spanked in nj

“The wrong kind of spanking, yes, could be a crime in New Jersey,” she added. Courts in other states have also backed up parents who.

In court, the judge told the mother that spanking your own child is not My own children have gotten a swat on the behind or the hand and it.

Parents spank their children because they believe that inflicting pain will get kids to listen and obey. It recently completed a study of corporal punishment and announced that spanking is harmful, minimally effective and causes children to behave aggressively. Corporal punishment.

Although studies are finding that fewer parents are using spanking to “a good hard spanking is sometimes necessary to discipline a child.”.

The last thing you want to do is spank your child and wind up with CPS or With respect to NJ, the law provides that it is abuse and neglect of a.