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Discover El Panecillo in Quito, Ecuador: A short volcanic hill in Quito doubles as a This Virgin Mary statue is the first one that shows the Madonna in a state of.

A statue of the Virgin Mary in Fresno, Calif. appears to be weeping “Tears are collected and tested to see if they are human (pig's fat has.

Also as luck would have it, that day was Fat Tuesday. The some foot high “ El Panecillo” statue of the Virgin Mary stomping a serpent was In Quito and all over Ecuador they celebrate Carnival by dousing each other with water and.

Reported weeping statues are most often of the Virgin Mary and are at times . February 28, AP - Photo taken in Cuenca, Ecuador by Fr. James .. by the Canadian Bishops Conference, found the tears to be blood mixed with fat, which .

Gral Miller y Patagonia (Cerro Panecillo), Quito , Ecuador . All reviews beautiful statue virgin mary old town big statue walk up hop on hop off bus el . a (Tom's estimate + fat tall) statue of the Madonna that dominates the skyline.