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Trapped in the Closet is an opera by American R&B singer R. Kelly, which currently consists of . In this chapter, the midget jumps out of the cabinet and fights with James. After James' constant roughing up on the midget, Bridget runs upstairs.

And then, he looks at the cabinet. He walks to the Not only is there a man in this cabinet. But the man is a midget (midget, midget, midget).

Wait are cupboards smaller than closets? I though they were the same thing but cupboard was UK English and closet was US English.

A story about a developmentally disabled chap who overpowers and holds captive a diminutive person (a “midget” or “dwarf”) because he.

I wanna see the midget! . Look up the spood "Trapped int eh Cupboard" on YouTube by hahaha,i love the end,