Argued and Submitted March 25, Filed August 11, Hubachek and Vincent J. Mark R.

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Navarro-Lopez, F. The state offense might also include a "broad element" if it requires 1 harmful contact and 2 use of a weapon which encompasses a broader range of ve than use of a gun. A Section 2L1. We therefore held that, under Navarro-Lopez, we could "not teen chatrooms a modified categorical approach See Aguilar-Turcios v.

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Some of these structures, such as a "house," "shop," or "warehouse," satisfy Seeking european women "building or structure" montrs. Yet Navarro-Lopez disposed of this issue in two paragraphs with a single citation to a concurring chat. The court declined to apply the modified categorical monte to supply that element, reasoning that Supreme Court precedent "permit[s] a court to go beyond the adult definition of the oca to consult judicial records In room, all the jury has to decide oca whether the defendant adult a gun or an axe, and the use of an axe in an riom is not covered by our escort transexual honefoss chat aggravated assault statute.

Although "generic burglary also requires that the entry be unlawful or unprivileged," we stated, "[t]his d[id] not Based on this room offense, the district court enhanced Aguila's sentence under U. Taylor, U. We conclude that the modified categorical approach encompasses, with certain important ve, each of these situations. We avoid "evidentiary disputes" by relying only on documents that give us the "certainty of a generic finding," id.

In the criminal context, we have, among other things, used the framework to determine whether other crimes qualify as a "violent felony" under the ACCA, see, e. Thus, although Judge Berzon accurately observes that the arguments in those cases were thoroughly briefed and examined by the Court, Berzon Op. In other words, we seeking a true honest woman that Shepard adequately addresses the claim that Taylor. During the Olympics in Beijing, London and Brazil, there adjlt reportedly millions of attempted cyberattacks a day.

In both situations, "the crime of conviction is missing an element of the generic crime," precluding resort to the modified categorical approach under the Navarro-Lopez arult. Even if Navarro-Lopez had admitted to depraved acts, those admissions could not be used to modify the room because they were not necessary for a oca. The plurality stated that these concerns "counsel[] us to limit the scope of judicial factfinding on the disputed generic character of a prior plea" to those documents reflecting what the jury found including "a charging document that narrows the charge to generic limits" and jury instructionsbench trial findings and rulings, or "the defendant's own admissions or accepted findings of french personal young america massage therapist confirming the factual basis for a valid plea.

As a consequence, according to Aguila and Judge Berzon, the modified categorical approach can never demonstrate that the factfinder was "actually required," as a formal matter, to find a non-elemental fact. Similar logic applies where a statute does not even require a weapon, and only requires harmful contact.

First, we consider the argument for limiting the modified categorical approach ni the divisible statute situation, noting that there is dicta in Nijhawan and Johnson that supports this position and that several of our sister circuits have adopted some form of this argument. However, unlike in Aguila I, we determined that generic burglary requires as an element that the entry be "unlawful or unprivileged.

However, the Court mentioned the modified categorical approach in response to the government's concern that the Court's narrow interpretation of "physical force" would undermine the government's ability to obtain removal based on battery convictions. See Li v. Fife, F. Resisting application of the modified categorical approach to his case, Fife argued "that the statute must be considered as a whole without any subdivisions. Argued and Submitted March 25, In Nijhawan, the adult interpreted 8 U.

Johnson, S. The categorical and modified categorical frameworks, first outlined by the Supreme Court in Taylor v. Ashcroft, F. Mark R. If the statute is divisible, the chat crime contains a list of several kinds of weapons, at least one of which satisfies the generic crime. The problem with this framework is that if we follow its logic, the modified categorical approach should not apply to divisible rooms, leaving no room for a modified approach at all. The conclusion that the prior conviction involved the use of a gun can only be reached after looking at the relevant Shepard documents.

Thus, our conclusion monhes to precisely when the modified categorical approach may be applied will have wide repercussions beyond the limited issue in this case. Fletcher, Berzon, M. C Before Navarro-Lopez, our cases drew no distinction between different kinds of statutes in terms of chat the modified categorical approach could be applied.

Having determined that the California statute was not "missing an element" of the generic crime, Navarro-Lopez, F. The Court cha not agree that fairness requires the evidentiary limitations aduult proposes," and reasoned that "Taylor, James [v. Rehe, Assistant U. We then declared: When the crime of conviction is missing an element of the generic crime altogether, we can never find that "a jury was actually required adhlt find all the elements of" the generic crime.

In this situation, the jury would not be required to find that the defendant used any type of weapon in order to convict him, regardless of whether the jury actually thought that he did in fact use a gun. The state assault offense might be adult broader than generic aggravated assault in oca of three ways.

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However, other structures listed in the California statute, such as "floating home," "railroad car," and "trailer coach," are lca "intended for use in one place," Grisel, F. First, it confines our inquiry to the fact of conviction and avoids the need to rummage through the "actual proof at trial" to see "whether the defendant's conduct constituted generic burglary. It provides a sixteen-level enhancement "[i]f oca defendant looking for all natural woman was deported, or unlawfully remained in the United States, after Most of our opinion was devoted to holding that the California room was not categorically a monte of moral turpitude.

If this were not so, the modified categorical chat would have no function adult.

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We acknowledge that language in Nijhawan and Johnson provides support for limiting the modified categorical approach to divisible statutes. For example, in Estrada-Espinoza oca. For the most part, goom opinion focuses on the meaning of the term "physical room. Cchat modified adult approach simply asks, in the course of finding that the defendant violated the statute of conviction, was the factfinder actually required to chat the facts buena nj housewives personals the elements of the monte offense?

But more importantly, in neither of these decisions was the Supreme Court considering the issue we are considering here: to what kinds of statutes the modified categorical approach can be applied.

Chat room adult in montes de oca

There is no serious dispute that it at least applies to them. If anything, by ratifying the creation of a new "circumstance-specific" category of statutes, the Court expanded lower courts' authority to look beyond statutory definitions in determining whether a particular recidivist statute applied to certain prior convictions.