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The actual werewolf prince comic of the free comic I gave out at Denfur. If the moon gives gays strength then I, a gay werewolf, am even more powerful then I.

“Shortly before Remus's eleventh birthday, no less a person than Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts, arrived uninvited on the Lupins' doorstep.

But modern society tends to frown upon those who remain in werewolf form 24/7. Monsters Crowd, Creatures Call is a coming of age comic about monster.

((Edit edit: for those who wants to read a gay Werewolf story about two guys I would And since it's a Werewolf webcomic here's the link.

3) This comic will continue to have more gay content. Now that the flood gates are open, and I'm finally at a point in the story where I have.