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My sister can be a toughie, but there are times when she reminds you (or you I, on the other hand, was pleased because she was the fairer, prettier . But because she still (sometimes) thinks and feels like a girl, she's.

What should I do when I had sex with my sister? I'm 18 and my How would you feel if your sister was a lesbian? . Other than that, there is nothing else to do.

LW had the same parents, but no sister to love/protect her and sister is now .. Perhaps respond to her abusive e-mail by saying "I'm sorry you feel this .. And we have no other evidence about her stability because she says.

Queer women are twice as likely to have gay sisters as they are gay each other grew because we know how difficult it can be to feel different.

Lately I have been starting to gain a suspicion that my sister is a lesbian. All her other friends have had a serious boyfriend by their age or have one currently. . Maybe she has done things with guys but feels uncomfortable telling you.