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Is Dry wrinkled penis head your major concern? Glan on my penis is wrinkled ( even when erect) and also on the tip of the penis (near the opening) on the.

The skin on the head is dry, flaky shiny and sometimes pink or red. Shiny, wrinkly red skin on penile head. Follow Flaccid and erect.

The causes of the wrinkled penis head are multiple and it depends on erection causes wrinkles on the glans when the penis is shrinking to.

The appearance of a wrinkled penis can cause anxiety for some men. Obviously, when the penis expands during an erection, the skin needs to stretch the glans and foreskin tend to take on a dry, wrinkled appearance.

I'm only 18 and I have never had sex and my penis head is very wrinkly and has been like that since I was 15, Does it smooth out when you have an erection?.