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Melissa Miller came to recognition after appearing in Discovery Channel's primitive survival challen Melissa Miller, Naked & Afraid shared a photo — feeling pumped in Portland, Oregon. Blade Show is with Melissa Miller, Naked & Afraid and Blade Magazine in Portland, Oregon.

All-Star survivalists Jake Nodar and Melissa Miller take on a punishing Florida swamp teeming with poisonous snakes and aggressive alligators. When Melissa becomes disoriented local authorities are called in to conduct an all-out search. Naked and Afraid Get season 10 on YouTube.

Earlier this month, reality star (Naked and Afraid) and all-around bad-ass, backwoods woman Melissa Miller took a gnarly spill on her mountain.

Born and raised in America's high-five, Melissa spent most of her life in the outskirts of her hometown Fenton, Michigan. A country girl, she roamed the woods.