Fire Retardant Paint FR, Flat - is latex paint fireproof


Flame Retardant Paint - Fire Rated Paint - Fireproof Paint is latex paint fireproof

ADD 16 OUNCES OF PRE-MIXED ADDITIVE TO 1 GALLON OF PAINT Use interior and exterior. Add Fire Shield Paint Additive flame retardant to water.

White Flat Latex Intumescent Fireproofing Flame Retardant Paint Coating for Wood Color Base Flat Latex Fireproofing Flame Retardant Paint for Wood.

WT Class A or B intumescent, flat, latex based fireproof paint for wood and other surfaces. This unique, non-toxic formula creates a safe and effective flame-seal barrier on wood surfaces that snuffs out fire before it can ignite. In addition, WT is fully registered and.

Flame Guard Additive: A powder additive for interior latex paint. This fire retardant paint additive can be added to any interior latex paint for a Class "A" or Class.

Fireproof coatings for interior walls. Expanding intumescent coatings offer maximum protection against fire and flame.