Turtles Urinate via Their Mouths—A First - i need to piss your mouth


Doctors warn of dangers in new ‘peegasm’ trend i need to piss your mouth

"If the turtle has lungs, why would it need to submerge its head in water [to The reptiles live in brackish water, which makes the mouth pee a.

Russell Jackson: The Cronulla Sharks have sacked their wayward star but an indignant Facebook group named 'Piss in your mouth for Todd.

Pissing into Your Own Mouth Is 'Huge' in Australia It might have seemed pretty gross and weird to you at the time, but it turns out it wasn't an.

Your partner may have had an early experience with pee that stuck with maybe you need a little extra time to consider peeing in his mouth.

Joey Salads Peed into His Own Mouth, and Now He Wants Your Vote Some have already chosen their champion, while many more emotionally stable people will ignore the whole Let's talk more about the pee video.