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22lr rounds are supposedly infamous for killing more people than almost any other round outside of warfare. That's largely due to the ubiquity of the round.

The 22 Long Rifle is still a viable round mixed among contemporary ammunition. The entry wound showed minimal expansion, but did have deep penetration.

I killed her this morning with my Crossbow and decided this was the right head to test the penetration of an average Long rifle cartridge.

22 Short is a variety of caliber ( mm) rimfire ammunition. Developed in for the first with 70 ft·lbf (95 J) of energy from a 22 in ( mm) rifle barrel and can penetrate 2 inches (51 mm) of soft pine. Although the Long Rifle has surpassed the Short in the marketplace, many ammunition companies still.

The Long Rifle LR) round is widely regarded as a relatively weak cartridge with very little penetrating power. Compared to most.