Sexuality in old age: knowledge/attitude of nurses of Family Health Strategy - nurses attitude to masturbation


nurses attitude to masturbation

Staff attitudes towards masturbation, a common sexual behaviour in . to the 10 % of male nursing home residents who did so in the study by.

group, (a) be more positive in their attitudes toward masturbation in general, (b) have fewer ate construct approach to studying masturbation attitudes and behavior. The present Masturbation. American Journal of Nursing, 67,

Key words: Older Adult; Sexuality; Aging; Geriatric Nursing; Attitude of Health . In statement 15, which addresses the subject of masturbation.

Nurse-midwives' attitudes towards adolescent sexual and reproductive health of adolescent sexual activity, including masturbation, contraceptive use and.

Masturbation is a normal and healthy way for people to explore their to their child's masturbation can impact on the child's sexual attitudes.