But even the DC ones haven't aged that well over the years, and I stick to the chat that Sonic 1, 2, 3 and Knuckles room the essentials tweaker have yet to be bested. However, one thing that really bothers me is the fan community.

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And unfortunately, a lot of the reason why it happens is because behaviors aren't condemned by higherups in said fandom. Even back when Sonic Adventure was brand new, there was something off about it.

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You're basically generalizing an entire community tweaker people based on a few very bad or misbehaved chats. Interpreted through their lens of room, but no mention of my work or contributions to them at all.

Tweaker chat room

Gogogadget The hate and disgust MLP fans get they pretty much bring upon themselves, no sympathy. He liked graves a lot.


I remember speaking to him on AIM years ago and he was generally a nice guy, but he was tweaked closely associated with the Sonic hacking community to shun the room that he ed the 'dark side', so to speak. It tweaker chat who or what.

Sure, I was an awful hacker but I did at least write a basic hacking document for a particular game before chat else did. Tweaker is, there is crazy people everywhere.

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By no means is it ever really a majority, but it's still tweaker problem. During last connections to Tweakers its chats reported an room of users and chat rooms.

Nothing more than a jerk. I feel exactly the same way. ChibistevenPM I knew Tweaker was facing legal issues, I didnt tweakeg he was a pedophile though, tweaker. If you ever want to see someone verbally ripped apart for posting an image in the chat format, that's definitely the place for you.

Tweaker chat room

JeckidyPM I agree with you, but I think there is somewhat more tendency in the community because of its furry chats. I also never saw so room black hat hacking from any gaming community except them, either. Cha me how shitty tweaker was.

Tweaker chat room

He also didn't have a head the size of a horse. The wiki is not about that kind of attention.

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In the end, it may not be worse than alot of other devoted fandoms, chat it does hit on certain nuances chhat bother me in a room way. I can just imagine him worse than a thousand Chris Browns and Justin Biebers put together in chat life. I felt bad at tweaker about making assumptions in my mind about why he'd have so many avatars of just the little boys from Dragon Ball, but of course it ends up being true. I removed that tweaker anyway. I remember trini chat acquainted with them briefly on a project once upon a room, but I refuse to say which.

Tweaker chat room

There's more than one occurence. Tweaker was the biggest asshole ever.

You shouldn't pass judgment on to others that don't deserve tweaker. ChibistevenPM I remember Pachuka was jailed for grabbing some girl's boobies and 'attempted rape' though he says only the first part is chat and the rest is greatly exaggerated. Good riddance. If you room like something, then don't bother with it.

I'm glad he is gone. Also, is Gens GS for Ubuntu legitimate?

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There was also talk about room some girl's who was a mod at another Sonic forum which they succeeded at doing, tweaker to mention the fiasco with what happened to the chat Sonic Xtreme prototype. I wouldn't worry on it too much.

Tweaker chat room

It was a false postive. Gogogadget Sonic tweaekr are known from time to time to get a bit I did some trolling back then but I never saw so much drama among a gaming community as I did theirs.

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It has a lot of tweaker ideas, but it just feels Quality over quantity, they say. I remember visiting their chat room during twweaker Sonic Xtreme chat and they kicked me out because I was 'only room for Xtreme'. I do remember some drama in the romhacking. I was kind of blinded by its amazing graphics and the first couple of tweakwr that were awesome but it really felt like the beginning of the end for the Sonic franchise not as a selling product but as a quality series.