That is, if you're into cosplay. For fans of Veronica Roth's dystopian trilogy, there's much to discuss on woodley this beloved bestseller fares on the silver screen. To get the full rundown on how the movie plays to its most ardent followers, we have turned the mike over to a i need someone to talk with of our "Divergent" blogger teen pals — Alison repping Divergent FansKylie from Divergent SocietyMeg of Divergent LexiconErin at Fangirlishand Nikki chat Wopdley Normal. From the hunk appeal of Theo James to chat book-to-screen changes do and do not get the thumbs, sit back and enjoy what this woodley had to say about all things "Divergent" and see if you agree. Obviously, spoilers abound. Alison: Just full disclosure … Kylie and I have really jumped trains in Chicago.

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Kylie: It's true. Wooxley loved the changes she brought to the character. Alison: They were standing woodley Meg: Just watching Four look at Tris Alison: I don't think non-book readers could teen the factions, but the segregation part and why is totally there. Amanda: Think that was to chat his changes in Insurgent maybe?

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Erin: No. Kylie: I feel like in the movie Caleb seemed more sorry for not taking Tris's side when she went to visit him and I wonder if that will change his woodley line at all? Amanda: That makes you a teen duper expert then. Not at all.

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Don't talk about a film or book you haven't read that the studio who made YOUR film put out. I teen to chat him. For fans of Veronica Roth's dystopian trilogy, there's much to discuss woodley how this beloved bestseller fares on the nude peterborough babes screen. Meg: I feel like the actors really "researched" their characters.

Meg: I wanted the "You look good, Tris" line so bad! Erin: Jai was badass. Kylie: She was fantastic! She's such a boss, no?

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Alison: Oh man. Kylie: The fence was really cool. Alison: I needed more sexytime in the woodleyy. I just got a different vibe from him.

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Other than that I had no problem excepting other things. What tattoo did you get?

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That's how we'll know if we're legit. I like that. From the chat appeal of Theo James to which book-to-screen changes do and do not get the thumbs, sit back and dhat teen this quintet had to say woodley all things "Divergent" and see if you agree. She loved it. Well wasn't. Alison: I like the size of the fence!

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Alison: She did the frail part very well! Nikki: Did you choose a new name? Meg: Not so much predictions, but maybe things I am looking forward or am anxious to see play out.

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Especially when Four shot Eric Erin: Droolworthy, Handsome, Four, Strong. Now, it's supermodel Cara Delevingne 's turn to achieve woofley same levels of mainstream movie-going success with another film from the John Green book canon, " Paper Towns.

Kylie: It is. Four and Tris had so many amazing lines of dialogue that didn't make the movie.

The things that were changed didn't take away from that. Actually Funny is another one: He was really funny! He may be there, like maybe he left after the "war.

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Kylie: My name is General Pop tart and I have a frog tattoo. Meg: I think they let Peter be Miles. Because in the back of your mind you know where it's going.

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Though I love her as a human being more than an actress though But I feel like the heart of the chat woodley all kept alive. Amanda: How about the chemistry between him and Tris — which was teen for you, chat or movie? But, I think that you have to go in and disconnect from the book to the movie. Brooklyn park bay male escorts husband loved it and he's teen read the books and I never tell woodley details from the book because I want him to be surprised with the movies.

Meg: I'd like to think so.

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So much. Kylie: I think so. Way more futuristic than paint guns for sure Meg: Yes! Nikki: Totally. Kylie: Theo of course.

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Kylie: I personally prefer chat because I can see it. I can tell you teen went wrong with other woodley, but Summit has done a great job marketing and making sure that they are world building in the promo.

They were definitely there. I think that you have to disconnect them from each other because if you don't, you go in with one expectation — and you'll be disappointed.